Shoe protectors for wet weather and conditions



If you want to protect your expensive running shoes when you are training on a track or grass area that is wet or damp, then order these shoe protectors that you can wear over the top of your running shoes. These are ideal for training over a short distance in your running flats.

These are particularly useful if you are training when it is wet, or rainy. Or even if you are running with the early morning dew.

These can help protect your shoes for longer so that you won’t have to keep on replacing them. It will also help prevent your shoes from smelling damp or getting extensive water damage or water logged when training.

If your shoes are worth more than $70, it’s worth investing in these to minimize the need to replace your shoes regularly.


  • Small – 26-34
  • Medium – 35-39
  • Large – 40-45


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