Stop twisting your upper body when you’re running!

Stop twisting your body when running.

Has someone told you that you twist your body while you are running? If so, making changes to your running technique can easily make you run faster within a few weeks. The main reason people twist while they are running is because of the arm and leg running technique that they are using. By fixing this, the person can run faster with less effort and more intensity.

Here’s how.

Take your elbows completely backwards when you run.

Focus on driving your elbows as far back as they can go. This will force your arms to go backwards in a straight line.

Have your arms drive by your ear.

Dive your arms straight up by your ear. This will force your arm movement to pump in a straight line.

Bring your knee up when running.

Focus on stepping over your knee when you are running to bring your knees up.

Focus on powering your heel behind you.

Your heel should be powering behind you when you run. If you try to maximise this with each stride, you will naturally be running in a straight line and your body’s mechanics will move in a straight line as well.

Focus on a single point and run towards it.

Pick a spot or object in the distance and run towards it in a straight line.

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