Best 1500m spikes

The 1500m race is an exciting race to take part in. It is part endurance, part-timing, and part sprinting. If you look at some of the 1500m racing greats like Hicham El Guerrouj, you will notice the style that he ran with and the type of footwear that he used to support his running style.

In this post, we share information on the best track spikes for 1500m runners so they can run quickly in comfort, and excel on the track.

What are the best track spikes for 1500m?

Saucony Endorphin MD4

Saucony Endorphin MD4

These spikes have a more aggressive plate, but are lightweight for the runner. For athletes that want a solution that will mentally trigger them to run on their toes and focus on speed over the 1500m, these are a good choice.

If you are an athlete that does multiple middle distance events (400m, 800m and 1500m), these shoes will give you the support needed to run all three events.

The shoes are also a good option for athletes with wider shaped feet.

Many athletes also say that the don’t get sore after running in these shoes. So if you are an athlete that gets soreness, these may be a great option.

Prices start from $64.

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Adidas Distancestar

Adidas Distancestar

Another comfortable running shoe for the 1500m and will also be suitable for the 400m and 800m events.

These shoes cost a bit more and have a different spike plate setup.

They tend to feel more comfortable on narrow feet.

Prices start from $95.

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