Explosive speed workouts

If you want to get fast quickly, you need to improve your explosiveness. And to do this, you need to develop power by conditioning your body with explosive speed workouts.

You need to increase your stride length, and turnover speed in order to run faster. To increase your stride length, you must increase the horizontal force with each stride that you take.

The way you will do this is by:

  • Increasing the strength of your muscles.
  • You will need to do this with progressive overloading of the muscles.

Increasing the speed in which you drive your strength, which will increase your power and stride length.

What type of workouts can you do to improve your speed explosiveness?


Do single skipping to start with, but do it in high volume. Your aim is to maintain a quick reaction off the ground for as long as possible. This will see you do 200-1000 reps of skipping in a single session.

Ideally, you want to make sure that it is unbroken.

You also want to do the same with double-under skipping for as long as possible. And then increase it to triple or even quadruple unders if you are able to.

Single leg skips

Do single-leg skips for at least 100 on each leg. Progressively overload the reps with an ideal goal of 1000 reps. This will safely overload the muscle.

If this becomes easy, then you can switch to single-leg double unders.

Knee to chest skips

Do single or double-under skips with your knees to your chest. Aim for at least 100 reps.

Hurdle jumps

Jump over a series of hurdles. Maintain a height of at least 30 cm and then increase the height as you become more explosive. Aim for reps of 8-10.

Single leg hurdle jumps

Hop over the 8-10 hurdles as a single hop. Aim for a quick reaction time off the ground.

Single leg bounds

Do bounding over 30-60m for distance. Focus on accelerating off each bound. Make sure to measure the distance and increase your average with each stride.

Explosive reverse lunge jumps

You can use this exercise to focus on the explosiveness in your glute. You can easily improve the progressive overload simply by holding dumbbells.

Aim for 12-15 reps. And explode up quickly.

You can also opt to do alternating reverse lunge jumps

Explosive squats

You can do explosive squats for height. Aim for reps of 12-15. Use dumbbells to increase the intensity, whilst allowing you to maintain the form of the exercise.

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