200m Training

200m training tips

Sprinting form

Alot of athletic coaches will focus on sprinting form. It’s important, but what is more important is to have the strength, power, conditioning, and speed turnover that will allow you to run fast. No matter how great your sprinting form is, it will never allow you to outrun another athlete that has more speed, power, …

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How to run the 200m

How to run the 200m

The 200m is a sprint that also has an endurance element. To be successful in this race, you must have great acceleration, you must be able to maintain your top speed, and you must minimize your rate of deceleration. You will see that the the best 200m sprinters in history all incorporated some form of …

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Sprint starts

Sprint start

Getting a great start in a race will put you at an advantage. Once you are in front at the start, the rest of the field has to play catch-up with your pace, speed, and deceleration. If you have done the right speed-endurance conditioning training, your competitors will find it difficult to catch you if …

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Speed endurance and technique

Speed Endurance and Technique

Have you considered how much your speed endurance and running technique impact your running performance? Especially with sprinters that seem to accelerate towards the end of a race, they are actually slowing down at a rapid pace due to their muscles fatiguing. The only way to overcome this is to build your speed endurance. If …

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Best 200m spikes

Saucony Spitfire 4 200m spikes

The 200m is a unique speed event as it requires the athlete to run on a curve and then on a straight as quickly as they can. Many athletes can have mixed feelings as to whether they should invest in spikes specifically for the 200m or if they can use the same spikes that they …

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How to sprint more relaxed.

Believe it or not, one of the things that can help you improve your speed significantly is running relaxed. Something that we tend to do is tighten up if we feel as if we are under pressure whilst running. It might be that we are losing in a race or that we feel that we …

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