How to the run 800m

How to run the 800m

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The 800m is a tactical event that balances both speed endurance and stamina. The event has shifted from a test of endurance to somewhat of a sprint at the highest level.

Running a good 800m time is a good indicator of your health and fitness level, and your athletic ability.

How can you improve your 800m time?

There are a couple of things that the athlete needs to focus on.

  • Speed endurance
  • Explosiveness and reaction time off the ground.
  • Velocity
  • Stamina

The easiest way for runners to improve their time is to improve their stamina and average velocity. This can be achieved by running for mileage and maintaining a running tempo that will allow the athlete to maintain their average velocity.

What kind of 800m workouts should the athlete focus on?

  • 200m tempo runs & interval training
  • 400m tempo runs & interval training
  • 600m tempo runs & interval training
  • 1200m tempo runs and interval training
  • Plyometrics
  • Acceleration training
  • Skipping
  • Hill runs
  • Mountain runs (Incline cross country)
  • Altitude running

Average 800m times by age

103:30 minutes and under3:30 minutes and under
113:10 minutes and under3:10 minutes and under
123 minutes and under3 minutes and under
132:45 minutes and under3 minutes and under
142:15 minutes and under3 minutes and under
152:05 minutes and under2:45 minutes and under
162 minutes and under2:30 minutes and under
17+1:55 minutes and under2:10 minutes and under
Average 800m time by age

800m training videos

Is a 2 minute 800m good?

Yes. Most people want to break 2 minutes for the 800m. 2 minutes is world class for women. It is a great running time for men.

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