Best 10000m spikes

Nike Matumbo 10000m spikes

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The 10000m is one of the most grueling events in track and field. It’s tactical in that the athlete needs to have speed endurance, but also needs to know how to pace themselves strategically throughout the race.

This event is tough on the body. And the need for wearing the right set of shoes in the race is important.

Where other spikes are more aggressive towards the front of the foot with the spikes, 10000m runners should opt for a spike that focuses more on comfort and protection.

Below are a few 10000m spike options.

Nike Matumbo

Nike Matumbo 10000m spikes
Nike Matumbo 10000m spikes

These are the spikes of choice for long distance and 10000m runners. They’re flexible, light, and not too aggressive. It is the perfect shoe for all 10000m runners regardless of experience.

Prices start from $100.

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Nike Victory

Nike Victory 10000m spikes
Nike Victory 10000m spikes

These set of spikes are worn by Olympic and world 10000m champion Mo Farah. He has gone on record saying that they are more suited to the 5000m event. However, he feels so comfortable in the shoes that he runs with them in the 10000m.

The spike plate is more aggressive. So you will need to work out prior to getting them if it will suit your running style. Particularly if you want to be more aggressive with acceleration bursts throughout the race.

Additionally, the plate will force you to be more on the front foot. Given that the 10000m race will take 30 minutes or more to complete, you will need to ask yourself if your body will be able to withstand the requirement of running on the frontfoot for the race.

It is a good spike to have in your long distance collection. Just beware of how it suits your running style.

Prices start from $120

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