Want to know how to run faster? Use these speed drill exercises.

Would you like to know some exercises that can help you carve off a few milliseconds or even seconds in your race? We’ve decided to show you a few exercise drills that will train your body to move in a way so that you will maximise your speed and sprinting efforts.

High Knees

These are essential for if you want to improve your speed development and increase your stride length.

The drill will improve the strength in your lower body and also in your hip flexors. This drill will also help you improve the turnover speed in your running.

You can see a good demonstration in the video below.

Butt kicks

Butt kicks are another great exercise that helps develop the speed in your hamstrings and also your turnover speed.

You can see a good demonstration in the video below.

Straight-leg running drill

Straight leg drills allow you to train your hamstrings and glutes to maximise power. It also forces you to keep your hips up when running and also makes you concentrate on running on your toes. Focus on accelerating off the ground as quickly as possible.

Below you can see a video demonstration.

Weighted sled drives

You can use resistance weights on a sled to help improve the driving power in your running. You can start with heavier weights and then lighten the weight as the sets go on in order to improve the power execution.

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The video below shows a sled training demonstration.

Resistance parachute speed drill.

This is another variation which uses the wind in the sail to create resistance for the athlete. The resistance parachutes are available on Amazon. You can see a demonstration of the parachute below.

Use resistance bands

You can also use resistance bands like what is shown in the video below for a variety of exercises to help improve your speed. The bands will help improve power and speed in your hip flexors, hamstrings and lower core.

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Hill Sprints

Hill sprints are another good exercise that can help you improve your speed. It forces you into a more intense workoout, depending on the gradient of the hill that you are running up. For maximum speed, opt for a drill with a lower gradient. However, when you are training for power, train on a steeper hill.

Are there any other speed drills that you would like to see included in here? Let us know in the comments below.

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