Get faster with weighted hip thrusts!

One of the weighted exercises that seems to be underrated when it comes to developing lateral speed is the weighted hip thrust. It is a simple movement that will incorporate the use of the glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors that will allow you to use more strength and execute more power when running.

The more power your legs can execute, the longer your running stride will be and the faster you will run. You will also be able to run more efficiently because you will be using less energy and taking fewer strides.

In this post, I want to show you a couple of variations that you can incorporate into your speed and development training.

Body weight hip thrust

Start by doing the movement with just your bodyweight. You want to place your body on something sturdy like a bench. Let your back rest on the bench and have your feet flat on the floor. You will be pushing your pelvis up, but you will be pushing through your heels.

Push until your hips come forward. You should feel your muscles activate.

You can see a good video demonstration below.

Weighted hip thrust.

This is the same, however you will do the movement with a barbell. Add enough resistance weight for you to do the movement. To avoid the weight adding too much pressure on your hips, use a foam protector or yoga mat to protect your body against the force of the weight.

You can see a video demonstration below.

Single leg hip thrust

When you feel more confident, start incorporating the single leg hip thrust into your routine. Make sure you straighten out your leg and push through your glute.

You can see a video demonstration below.

Repetitions and sets.

You want to aim to do 8-10 repetitions and you want to do 3 sets for each exercise.

When you are doing the movement, you want to build your explosive strength, so make sure you power through your hips with the resistance weight.

When you feel like the intensity is becoming too easy, increase the resistance weight.

The improvements and gains should carry over to your other weightlifting exercises such as the power clean, deadlifts and squats.

You should also notice improvements in your plyometrics, sprinting and jumping ability.

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