Best running shoes for high arches.

Nike Air Pegasus

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When it comes to shoes, one size doesn’t fit all. And unfortunately, many runners make the mistake of investing in a shoe that doesn’t offer the comfort that is needed for when they run.

If you know that your foot has a high arch, you need to invest in a pair of running shoes that will give you the support that your body needs.

This will allow you to run more balanced and avoid the risk of soreness and injury over the long-term.

Having this additional balance should also allow you to strike the ground more efficiently when you are running, which will improve your stride length and overall speed when you are running.

Below are some of the best running shoes for high arches that you should consider investing in.

Top high arch running shoes.

Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11

This is a highly sought after shoe. This shoe has several positive reviews and is likely a favourite due to its comfort and design for people with high arches in their feet. It is also a shoe that can be used in several running activities. From track, road and cross country running, to everyday walking or to other physical activities such as exercising at the gym.

Whilst it isn’t specifically a performance shoe, the footwear is complimentary for runners that want to train over short, middle and long distances.

The price of this shoe starts from $110.

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Nike Zoom Pegasus

Nike Zoom Pegasus – Ideal for runners with high arches.

Nike shoes are well known for their lightweight and ease of wear to maximise your running speed. However, the soles are usually quite thin and are usually catered for those athletes that have a flat foot or a medium arch.

The Nike Zoom Pegasus offers a solution for athletes that need a fast running shoe that provides a high arch solution. The shoe will suit track and road runners. However, it can also be used on cross country tracks.

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Adidas Supernova

ADIDAS Supernova

Adidas shoes can be trusted for their commitment to athletic performance and shoe comfort. And the same can be said with the Adidas Supernova Glide 8.

These are designed for athletic performance, but also cater as an all-round running shoe. The support and fit for high arch runners is a plus. So you should notice the running comfort and ease when wearing the shoe.

There are often deals on this shoe, which can range from $50-$300

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Are there some other shoes that you’ve tried and enjoyed that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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