Vertical jump test

One of the methods that you can use to test the power that you can exert is with a vertical jump test.

The way many people do it is they try to see how high they can get. And then measure it by the highest reach.

To get a better measurement, you want to measure the vertical height from a vertical jump that is a straight leg jump.

If you can do this as a single leg movement, you will also be able to work out the power and strength from both legs.

Most people should be able to jump between 10-20 inches.

As a track and field athlete, you want to push this to 30-45 inches if possible.

Most athletes will max-out their power at around 40 inches.

From here, you will be able to measure your stride length to work out what distance you cover.

Make sure your arms aren’t used to create additional momentum. You only want to measure the power coming through the points in the leg that will generate power.

Use the vertical test to assess the power increase against the athlete’s bodyweight.

The athlete should notice power increases as they drop in body weight, but also as they increase their strength and power in their muscles.