Jump rope exercises for speed training.

Jump rope/skipping

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One of the most effective workouts you can do to improve your speed, power and endurance is jump rope. It will allow you to improve your explosiveness and power. It is inexpensive to purchase a skipping rope that will allow you to do the exercises. You should also notice improvements in your speed fairly quickly once you start implementing jump rope exercises into your speed development routine.

In this post, we will share some of the exercises that you can do to help you increase your speed by doing jump rope training routines.

Practice single, double and triple unders.

There are several skipping types that you want to master so that you can improve your explosive power.

  • Single leg skips
  • Double-unders
  • Triple unders

You should aim to do up to 200 repetitions of each if you want to maximise your explosive power. This will transition into your horizontal speed and explosiveness.

The video below is a very good progression video that you can use to improve your jump rope performance over single, double and triple unders.

Straight leg skips.

This will allow you to improve your horizontal power and speed. You can combine this with straight leg runs after you finish doing the exercise.

Below is a video demonstration of the exercise.

Jump rope butt kicks.

You want to do this exercise to activate the speed in your hamstrings. Simply make your heel hit your glutes with each skip.

Jump rope high knees

You want to do skipping with high knees. Aim to get your ankle coming over your knees when you are doing the exercise.

Below is a video example.

Which jump ropes should you consider purchasing?

There are several inexpensive speed jump ropes available. Here are a few that you can consider purchasing.

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