Stroops Predator Sled


The multi-purpose workout station that you’ve been waiting for.
Includes Predator Sled and two Predator Sled poles.
*Please allow 5-7 days for processing.

The Predator Sled will provide you with a full body workout, and will take your training to a level you never thought possible! Use the Predator Sled to get your heart rate up and perform functional movements. This sled gives you so many options the fun will never stop!

Diversity in Performance

Are you ready to excel at your sport? If so this sled is for you. Increase your speed and strength by performing resisted sprints. Use it like a plyobox and do box jumps, step ups and a variety of different exercises. As if that wasn’t enough, now you can take the removable poles and attach a Slastix to the pole and get an incredible upper body workout. If you want to increase your speed and power then the Predator Sled is for you! It’s time to become the athlete you have always wanted to be!


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