How fast can a human run?

The fastest human in history at the moment is Usain Bolt, who clocked 9.58 seconds in the 100m race in Berlin.

It’s believed that the top speed that he reached during the race was 27.8 miles per hour. In the metric system, this is 44.72km per hour.

This means the average velocity that Usain Bolt was running was 12.42 metres per second.

This is very fast!

It will be possible for humans to run faster than this. The improvement will be incremental.

You can use this as a benchmark and compare it to the velocity that you need to run to become faster.

100m times vs metres per second

  • To run 10 seconds flat, you need to run an average of 10 metres per second.
  • To run 11 seconds flat, you need to run an average of 9.091 metres per second.
  • To run 12 seconds flat, you need to run an average of 8.33 metres per second.

How can you use this to run faster?

You will need to develop your explosive strength and power, your stride length, and your leg turnover speed.

You can see more running training tips here.

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