Speed Training

Duck feet running

I’ve seen people running with their toes pointed out or worse, they kick their leg out to the side when they are running. If you really want to maximize the speed and efficiency of your running so that you can run faster, you need to conserve your energy and utilize the right body mechanics. If …

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Running stretches

Many runners are taught a stretching routine and continue to do the routine thinking that it will help them with their performance and minimising the risk of injury. The issue is that many runners don’t stretch effectively, and often target the wrong muscle groups. In this post, we’re focusing on those muscle groups that need …

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Circuit training for runners

In this post, we are sharing a circuit that you can do to help you improve your running performance. The focus will be on improving your explosiveness through the muscles that will help you generate strength and power that will help you run faster, as well as improve your stamina and muscular endurance so you …

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Get faster with sled training.

You can really activate more power by implementing the right type of sled training. There are a couple of muscle groups that you want to try to improve your explosiveness for when sprinting. You want to improve the power generated through your hips, knees, glutes, and ankle flexion during the drive phase of your sprint. …

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Sprint starts

Sprint start

Getting a great start in a race will put you at an advantage. Once you are in front at the start, the rest of the field has to play catch-up with your pace, speed, and deceleration. If you have done the right speed-endurance conditioning training, your competitors will find it difficult to catch you if …

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Speed endurance and technique

Speed Endurance and Technique

Have you considered how much your speed endurance and running technique impact your running performance? Especially with sprinters that seem to accelerate towards the end of a race, they are actually slowing down at a rapid pace due to their muscles fatiguing. The only way to overcome this is to build your speed endurance. If …

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Best spikes for hurdles.

Adidas Sprintstar spikes for the 100m

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Wondering which shoes to wear for the hurdles? The sprint hurdles are an event that requires the athlete to execute driving power and an acceleration grip to maintain speed when going over the hurdle. Choosing the best hurdles spikes will help the athlete execute the right hurdling technique and …

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Best track spikes for 400m

Adidas Sprintstar

The 400m is a beast of an event that requires speed, power and endurance for 43-60 seconds. You need to maintain your technique, form and composure to give yourself the best chance of winning the race. Each step that you take is vital to your 400m performance and you need the best spikes for the …

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