How to increase my running stride length.

It’s actually not difficult to increase your running stride length. And it is actually one of the quickest ways to improve your running speed. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your running stride length over the next 30 days.

Do skipping.

Skipping will improve the explosiveness in your ankle and calves. This will help you explode off the ground and will allow you to cover more ground when you are running.

You can do 100-1000 skips a day and you should start to see the impact in your running stride length.

Try to do double or even triple unders, so that your stride length will increase.

Make a mental cue to bring your foot over the height of your opposite knee when you run.

This will force you to improve your running technique, which will allow you to cover more ground when you are running. It is a simple tweak to your running style, but it can gain you 10-20cm or more with each stride.

Improve your core strength.

The stronger your core, the easier it will be for you to bring up your legs with each stride. You will be able to do this for longer, which will increase your stride length.

Do hip thrusts.

You want to improve your horizontal power by doing weighted hip thrusts. Have enough resistance weight to allow you to explode.

Do plyometrics exercises.

Explosive bounding and hops for distance will improve your running stride length. Do this at least twice a week.

Build a cadence when you run.

You don’t want to chop your strides. Build momentum off each stride to the point where your stride is full. You will find that you will cover more distance with each stride taken.