Fuel for sprinters (Eat the right things to become fitter, faster & powerful)



ATTENTION: Your nutrition is the most important factor that you MUST have and manage to progress as an athlete!

  • Muscle loss=loss in strength=loss in power & speed.
  • Low energy=not feeling good=running slower
  • Not enough nutrition for your body=lower recovery=increase risk of injury!
  • Increasing your body fat & weight too much=difficult mobility=running slower

Most athletes and coaches are completely UNAWARE of how crucial it is to have the right nutrition as an athlete.

Athletes can develop a sudden burst of speed and then stagnate.

  • They don’t run faster.
  • They end up being slower.
  • They never reach their full potential.
  • They end up training more and end up overtraining, which exposes them to the risk of injury.

Some athletes end up getting injured and then they are out for the ENTIRE SEASON!

Both the athletes and the coaches tend to be unaware of what’s causing the issue and repeat the same thing the following season, and the athlete gets the same results.

Mediocre or a season-ending injury!

What does the athlete need to do?

The number 1 thing the athlete needs to do is to understand the fuel that their body needs to:

  • Develop and retain muscle
  • To increase energy when the athlete needs to train and perform.
  • The nutrition that will give the athlete the best chance for their muscles to recover.
  • The nutrition that will give the athlete the best chance to minimize their muscle soreness.
  • Understand how to control and manage their muscle development, and body fat percentage.

Why should sprinters invest in this?

The athlete could go to a dietician and nutritionist, that will charge around $100-200 per visit to develop nutrition plans that aren’t customized to athletes that need to develop their running speed as quickly as possible.

Many of the dieticians are strictly academic, which means that some of the outdated textbook recommendations will be shared won’t give the athlete the SYSTEM that they need to start implementing IMMEDIATELY to start running faster.

Additionally, if the athlete gets injured, the recovery costs will be significant with physiotherapy, doctor’s fees, surgeries, and maybe more that will cost $100s or even over $1000.

Buy this nutrition system for $30. One time cost. Lifetime access!

We know from experience that athletes save on average $250-500 a year in costs that would have gone to doctors or specialist fees. Don’t wait until the athlete gets injured. By then, it is too late!

Why does this nutrition system work?

  1. The athlete will know EXACTLY what they need to eat and drink to 1) preserve and 2) grow muscles and strength that will allow them to run faster.
  2. They will know what food sources they need to consume, and how much of it.
  3. They will know what food and drinks to consume when they need more energy, especially for having more high-quality training sessions when they are feeling tired. Or if they need to compete at a time when their body might usually feel tired.

If you want to run faster, you need to condition your muscles so that you will become fitter, faster, stronger, and more powerful. The only way you can improve your performance progressively is by doing the right training.

And in order to do the right training, you have to consume the right food and drinks so that you will be able to progress with your performance every single time.

Fuel for sprinters is a reference that sprinters can use to improve their diet, which will have a positive impact on their training and performance on the track.

What should the athlete expect?

How to run the 200m

  • Increase in overall energy within 7 days.
  • Improvement in sleep quality within 10 days.
  • Increase in strength in 7-14 days.
  • Increase in stamina and speed endurance in 30 days.
  • Reduction in injury.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Progression in strength, power, and speed in 30 days.

Money-back guaranteed!

As long as you implement the nutrition system, you should see an improvement.

If you do it for 30 days and you feel like it isn’t working for you, simply get in touch with us and we will offer your money-back guaranteed!

Long-term commitment should contribute to long-term results.

Buy it now!


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