How to teach a child to run properly!

How to teach a child to run properly

This advice doesn’t just apply to children. It applies to anyone that has a poor running technique and they want to improve their running technique so that they can run faster, and further.

There are a few factors for being able to run faster.

  • Improve the explosive conditioning of the person that wants to run faster.
  • Improve the running technique of the person that wants to run faster.

In regards to children, their bodies will be developing. So in this post, we will focus on exercises and drills that will help them develop the foundations that they need to run properly.

Teach children how to sprint on the balls of their feet.

This is important because alot of children run flat-footed and don’t understand why they aren’t running quicker. Additionally, they are told to run on their toes, but it isn’t actually their tippy-toes that they should be running on.

They should land on the balls of their feet and use their ankle flexion to propel them forward.

They will get more power through their ankle flexion, hip hinge, and calves if they run on the ball of their feet.

Teach children to run in a straight line.

As obvious as it may seem, many people run zig zagged. So have them focus on one point and have them run straight at that point.

Teach children that their running arm motion should be by their side.

You don’t want to run with your arms swinging everywhere. Instead, you want the arms to come by the hip and then close to the ear (if sprinting) or just to have the elbows swinging by the hips if they are doing a longer distance running event.

Have children do explosive plyometric drills.

Horizontal hops, horizontal bounds, single-leg vertical hops, and hip thrusts will all help children develop more power to run faster. This will also help them develop a better running technique.

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