Best track spikes for 400m

Adidas Sprintstar

The 400m is a beast of an event that requires speed, power and endurance for 43-60 seconds. You need to maintain your technique, form and composure to give yourself the best chance of winning the race. Each step that you take is vital to your 400m performance and you need the best spikes for the 400m that will aid you in that performance.

That being said, the shoe is an aid. You still need to do the necessary training to win the 400m race. But wearing the best 400m spikes combined with the right training preparation will set you up for a powerful performance.

What are some key things that you need to keep in mind before buying the track spikes for the 400m?

  • You want to have track spikes that will force you to sprint on your toes.
  • You want to wear a shoe that is comfortable when running around the bend.
  • If it is too rigid, then it will make you think about the shoe. You want it to feel like a naked glove.

You need a shoe that will aid you throughout the different phases of the sprint, which is digging at the start, accelerating and then maintaining your tempo and form before going onto a strong finish at the end of the race.

Which track spikes are the best for 400m?

Nike Zoom Maxcat 400m Spikes

Nike Zoom Maxcat
Nike Zoom Maxcat

These spikes are known to provide a greater range of motion when you are running. Thus giving you additional comfort when you are sprinting. When you want to go into your striding phase in the 400m, this shoe should give you a feeling of ease for the 3/4s of the race that you run.

Prices for the shoe start from $52.50

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Adidas Sprintstar 400m Spikes

Adidas Sprintstar
Adidas Sprintstar

These shoes have been designed for the longer distance sprinting since they are far less rigid than the 100m & 200m running spikes. It doesn’t force you on your toes as aggressively as the Nike Zoom Maxcat, but it will still give you the range of motion to sprint and stride-out at pace during the 400m race.

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Under Armour Speed Form 400m spikes

Under Armour Speed Form Sprint Pro
Under Armour Speed Form Sprint Pro

If you are looking for a cheaper spike that can offer similar qualities, then you can opt for the Under Armour Speed Form.

Prices start from $49.99

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Clyde Hart 200/400m speed development training

Clyde Hart is the mastermind behind Michael Johnson’s 200m/400m double at the Atlanta Olympics back in 1996, where Michael Johnson ran 19.32s for the 200m and 43.49s in the 400m.

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