Best sprinting shoes without spikes

Do you need a shoe for sprinting, but that doesn’t have spikes? We’ve done a roundup of some of the running shoes available for purchase which should be light enough for sprinting, but give you enough grip to ensure that you can run quickly without the risk of slipping or losing your technique.

Here are the shoes.

Brooks Mach 18.

Brooks Mach 18.
Brooks Mach 18.

They are catered for long distance running, but they will do the trick when it comes to sprinting. They are sturdy, lightweight and have grip for offroad or cross country running. So if you plan to sprint on grass or on a moist surface, these shoes should help.

The price starts from $74.95.

You can click here to purchase a pair on Amazon.

Adidas XCS Spikeless shoes.

Adidas XCS Spikeless shoes.
Adidas XCS Spikeless shoes.

These are also cross country running shoes that can be used as sprinting shoes. They are light, have a synthetic sole and are shaped in a slightly similar way to running spikes.

Prices start from $45.

You can click here to purchase them on Amazon.

Nike Zoom XC

You can also use these cross country spikes from Nike. They aren’t exactly customised for sprinting, but they are lightweight and comfortable enough if you need spikeless shoes.

Prices start from $59.00

Click here to get them on Amazon.

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