Best track spikes for 5000m

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Do you want to improve your time in the 5000m race?

Investing in the right type of spikes for the 5000m can help you.

To run fast in the 5000m, you need to do the preparation that will allow you maintain your speed-endurance and acceleration bursts during the race.

The spikes that you race in for the 5000m will be an aid to your racing bio-mechanics. So you should be able to run more comfortably and gain more speed due to the design of the spike.

What are the best spikes for the 5000m?

Nike Victory

Nike Victory 10000m spikes
Nike Victory 5000m spikes

These set of spikes are worn by Olympic and world 5000m champion Mo Farah.

The spike plate is more aggressive. So you will need to work out prior to getting them if it will suit your running style. Particularly if you want to be more aggressive with acceleration bursts throughout the race.

Additionally, the plate will force you to be more on the front foot.

It is a good spike to have in your long-distance collection. Just beware of how it suits your running style.

Prices start from $120

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Adidas Avanti

Adidas Avanti 3000m spikes
Adidas Avanti 5000m spikes

These spikes are good, but you will need to train in them prior to competing to get used to the running pattern of the spike.

These spikes are popular with 3000m+ runners due to their less aggressive spike plate.

These are also a good training shoe, especially for athletes that need to do interval or stamina training over the longer distances.

Prices start from $55.

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