ReacTime Personal Training System



The world’s top sprinters have shown that reaction times can be improved by training – and ReacTime can be the cornerstone of that training process.

  • Automated starting commands can be programed to give the commands “On your marks”, “set” and a gun sound.
    Can be operated with a real starter giving commands and firing a gun with ReacTime Gun Sensor option.
  • A starter’s commands can be personally recorded with their own voice.
  • Two systems can be linked for competitive training.
  • Can be connected to photo beams or a FinishLynx system for total sprint timing.
  • Personal ReacTime units can be used as components or part of a full false start detection system.
  • Includes: ReacTime Block sensor, Speaker, Block Sensor Clamp, Activation Button, Signal Input Cable Case.


Starter Package:

  • 1 Block Sensor
  • 1 ReacTime Training Case
  • 1 Block Mounted Speaker
  • 1 Block Sensor Clamp
  • 1 ReacTime Start Button
  • 1 ReacTime Serial Cable
  • 1 USB-to-Serial Converter
  • 1 ReacTime Signal Input Cable
  • 1 12V Power Supply

North American sales only, please contact Lynx for overseas sales.

To avoid delays, please provide a school/organization name in the shipping address when ordering (required by Lynx). We will email you for this info if you forget.


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