What is the average human sprinting speed?

What is the average human sprinting speed?

How fast can the average human sprint (or run 100m)?

The average sprinting speed will range between 20-30km/h.

This means a person will be able to run the 100m in 12-20 seconds.

What is the average sprinting speed for elite-level sprinters?

Elite runners will be able to run at an average sprinting speed greater than 30km/h.

The current world record is set by Usain Bolt from Jamaica. He reached an average speed of 37.57km/h and top speed of 44km/h (27.8 mph) when setting the 100m world record.

Usain Bolt's average sprinting speed was 44km per hour.
Usain Bolt’s average sprinting speed was 44km per hour.

Average human sprinting speed over 100m.

You can use this table of times and average sprint speeds below to estimate what is a fast sprint speed for you.

100m time (Seconds)Average sprint speed (km/h)Average sprint speed (mph)
Average human sprinting speed over 100m.

What is the average male sprinting speed?

Most men will run between 25-32km/h.

What is the average female sprinting speed?

Most women will run between 22.5-32km/h.

is 30km/h fast for running?

Yes, it is faster than what most people in the world will run.

Something to consider with athlete’s average sprinting speed.

In the 100m, athletes will typically reach their top speed around the 60m mark and then their bodies will start to decelerate in the latter part of the race due to fatigue.

Long jump athletes will usually have their top speed when they hit the board, which is usually 30-40m from the start of their run-up.

In the 2000 Olympics, there was a famous duel between Jai Taurima of Australia and Ivan Pedroso of Cuba, where they recorded top speeds at the take-off board between 38-42km/h. (Video source)

What can you do to improve your average sprinting speed?

Improve your speed endurance.

One of the issues that most sprinters face when they are racing is slowing down from their muscles getting fatigued. From 40-60m into the race, the body will start to fatigue and slow the runner down. You need to condition your body to hold your maximum sprinting speed for as long as possible. You can do this with:

  • Tempo runs over 150-600m
  • Interval training runs over 150-600m
  • Improving your sprinting technique so that you cover more ground as you run.
  • Improving your power so that you cover more ground in a quicker time as you run.

Watch these videos below to improve your average sprinting speed.

Achieve a good sprint speed with horizontal bounding.

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