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Lower back pain when running

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. A common issue that people experience either when running or as a result of running is lower back pain. Sometimes the pain is so intense that the severe lower back pain leaves them unable to walk. What many people mistake this pain for a back strain or injury, when …

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Sprinting on a treadmill

Sprinting on a treadmill

Treadmills are a great option for running and will provide you with a sprinting option, however sprinting on a treadmill won’t provide as many benefits compared to sprinting on a solid surface such as grass or a track. Treadmills force you to use your entire body when running, which means your body will be moving …

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Does sprinting build muscle?

Does sprinting build muscle?

Sprinting doesn’t build muscle. However, sprinting does condition your muscles. Sprinting is about developing speed. Speed is generated from the power that you can exert from your muscles. The more powerful and explosive your muscles are, the more distance you will cover when running, which will help you increase your average speed. To get more …

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Explosive speed workouts

If you want to get fast quickly, you need to improve your explosiveness. And to do this, you need to develop power by conditioning your body with explosive speed workouts. You need to increase your stride length, and turnover speed in order to run faster. To increase your stride length, you must increase the horizontal …

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Runner’s legs

Runners legs

This is more of a fitness related post. There are people that run long distances and have improved their cardiovascular strength and stamina so that they can run long distances. This is great for your health, but to condition your body for peak athletic performance, you need to progressively overload the muscles so that it …

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Heart rate zones for runners

Heart rate zone for runners

If you want to improve your running performance, you need to build your speed endurance. And the way that you will build your speed endurance is by running with more intensity for longer. To achieve this, you need to build up your cardiovascular strength, which means you need to be able to train your body …

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Speed endurance and technique

Speed Endurance and Technique

Have you considered how much your speed endurance and running technique impact your running performance? Especially with sprinters that seem to accelerate towards the end of a race, they are actually slowing down at a rapid pace due to their muscles fatiguing. The only way to overcome this is to build your speed endurance. If …

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How to run longer.

There are a few ways you can make yourself run longer. However, in this post, we will focus on how you can run for longer with more intensity and at a faster pace. You likely want to run longer so you can run a faster time and break through any running distance plateaus. How can …

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