The most inspirational races that will want to make you run faster!

Usain Bolt Sprinting

There are moments where it seems that time stands still. And there are moments and experiences that can change the direction of your life.

The world of track and field has had many of those moments. So much so that it gives you goosebumps to just watch the videos of the athletes.

In the world of sports, speed, explosiveness and power are king. And you only need to look at exceptional performances of athletes to recognise that.

Here are some of the most inspirational videos that will want to make you run faster.

Usain Bolt

Sport – Track and field

Beijing Olympics – 2008

Usain was in his element at these Olympics. The speed and explosiveness was like nothing anyone else had ever seen on the track. The way he executed so much power and speed with ease. He was so far ahead of everyone that was world class. His speed changed the game. Watch the video below.

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World Championships – 2009

It was at these championships where the world would see Usain break the world record. He would clock 9.58s in the 100m and 19.19s in the 200m. It was a feat that was so unfathomable and again, he was so far ahead of the other sprinters due to his speed, explosiveness and speed endurance.

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