Motivation to keep running when you are tired.

If your body feels tired when you are running, you want to stop and give up. And you need to avoid doing this if you want to achieve your running goals.

People will say that it is the power of the mind that will allow you to keep on running. This is half true.

We want you to have the tools to keep on running, even if you feel really tired. This will allow you to keep your body moving, even if you feel that your body is starting to fade on you.

Focus on the end goal.

Whether you set a time or a distance, focus on completing the original goal that you set for your run. In some cases, you may have to reduce the intensity of the run (average running interval time and your heart rate) in order to complete your run.

Drop your heart rate.

You might find that you are running at a heart rate that is making you feel tired. Instead of maintaining that heart rate, drop it so that the body recovers. Even reducing the heart rate by 20-30bpm can be enough for your body to recover.

Run with technical efficiency.

This is important because as your body starts to tire, you want to maintain the running rhythm and pace. This means you need to rely on the technical running style to use as little energy as possible to maintain your running pace.

This will see you rely on your core strength, minimise your arm movements, and focus on maintaining a stride length (running with your feet coming over your ankles or knees) so that you can maintain the running pace even if you are tired.

Run with motivational music.

You want to pick-up a second rush of energy that will allow you to run well. Set a playlist with songs that will get you ‘charged and energized’ to run. Then maintain the pace in line with the music that you are listening to during your run.

Focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

When you are tired of running, only focus on putting one foot in front of the other. One step forward is another step closer to finishing your run.

Some other things to keep in mind are:

  • Your performance will improve after each run.
  • Your body will condition itself to not be tired for the next run.