Is Pilates training good for sprinting?

Is pilates good for sprinting

You need to have a very strong core if you want to maximise your running speed. Pilates is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your core so you can focus on running faster.

There are several pilates workouts that you can do to strengthen your muscles. Aim to strengthen your lower abdomen, your hip flexors, obliques and your upper abdominals.

Why is it good to do Pilates for sprinting?

You will be able to balance your body better while you are running. When your body starts to fatigue, your body will slump and your core won’t be able to carry on with your technical movements.

By strengthening the muscles through Pilates training, you can maintain your running form for longer.

This next video isn’t strictly for Pilates, but it focuses on developing the core strength.

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