Improve your running technique to run faster with less effort.

The two don’t sound like they go hand-in-hand, but it is true. If you learn how to run with good technique, you end up conserving more energy, which will allow you to run longer and faster. There are a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the benefits from the running technique. This is because the running technique alone won’t make you run faster. It needs to be combined with the conditioning of the body.

If you condition your body in the right way and learn to run with the right running technique, you will run faster.

What do you need to do with your running technique?

You need to keep your hips high by running tall.

You can do this by focusing on running tall, however you must focus on running horizontally. Do not project your force vertically. Project it horizontally so you can increase your horizontal speed.

Focus on accelerating off each stride.

This is something that you must focus on during each phase of the sprinting process. From the drive phase where you are building your initial acceleration, to the transition phase and improving your leg turnover.

Aim for your heel to come over your knee while you are running.

You want to improve your stride length while you are running. You can do this by bringing your knees up. However, it is easier to focus on bringing your heels over your knees. This will also help you improve your leg speed turnover.

Stay relaxed.

You must not be tense when you are running. You must remain as relaxed as possible. Yet focus on having the muscles execute the horizontal force to make you run faster.

Your arms should be coming straight up and down.

It’s important that your arms do not swing from side to side otherwise it will force your body to go off-balance. Make sure your elbows drive backwards and your hand comes by your ear.

Your head should be straight and focused on a fixed point in front of you.

Focus on a point in front of you and run straight towards that point. Focus on your technique whilst running to that point.

Running drills that you can practice at home.

High knees

A skip

B skip

Combine the technique with your speed training conditioning.

As you improve your body’s conditioning to execute more horizontal force, you should notice that you will run faster simply because you are executing more power whilst maintaining your form. You will also notice that your rate of deceleration will slow down simply because you are conserving more energy whilst you are running.

Practice these and let us know your improvements in the comments below.