How to run longer.

There are a few ways you can make yourself run longer. However, in this post, we will focus on how you can run for longer with more intensity and at a faster pace.

You likely want to run longer so you can run a faster time and break through any running distance plateaus.

How can you run longer?

Apply the following to start running longer.

Tempo/Pacing runs

This is where you will run a certain distance and the only objective is to keep on doing the running motion. You can do it fast or slow, but you are not allowed to stop or walk until you have finished the distance.

This will train your body to keep the running motion and the physical demands that your body needs to go through in order to run that distance.

Since you will be running at a tempo, your stride length will be shorter and you will actually do more steps compared to if you were running at a faster pace.

This will build up the timing endurance for you to run at a faster pace.

Below are some screenshots from a run with some distance markers and pacing motivators.

Distance motivation markers
Distance motivation markers
Split-time motivation markers

Interval running

This will allow your body to improve your speed endurance and the length of your distance runs.

You will need to set a distance goal. (For example, 5km)

You will run at a pace of 70-90% of your maximum for a distance of either 250m or 500m.

You can then either take a short break (e.g. 60 seconds) and then start the next running phase.

Or you can jog for 250m before starting the next running phase.

Repeat this sequence until you complete the distance.

Keep a time tracker (like an Apple watch) on you to track the pace at which you are running. Ideally, you want to increase the pace of your run between the different intervals.

Incorporate plyometrics training

Do skipping, bounding and hopping 2-3 times a week. This will help you get more explosive and it will help to improve your stride length.

This will allow you to run with fewer strides, but you will cover more distance and thus be able to run longer.

Incorporate leg weight training

Focus on doing explosive weight training such as the Bulgarian split squat, squats, and deadlifts.

The power that you will generate from these exercises will allow you to run faster and longer due to increasing your stride length.

Train over longer distances than your ideal full pace distance.

If you want to run a quick 5km, train at a high intensity over 10km. Make sure the distance is longer so that when you are ready to run the shorter distance, you can really attack it and break any personal records.

Improve your mental focus.

If you want to run a long distance, set it as a mental goal and give yourself no other option other than to complete that goal.

If you set 10km. Complete 10km. If it is 20km, run 20km.

There is no option to quit.

Improve your running technique.

You want to run as efficiently as possible. The less energy you waste, the more energy you can put into having a faster and longer run.

You want to focus on projecting your power forward in a straight line and running with efficient running mechanics.

Let us know how you are progressing with your running distance in the comments below.