How to run faster in one day (If you want instant results!)

All runners want to improve their running speed instantly, but is it really possible to run faster in one day?

Realistically, you need to develop your speed over the long-term. However, there are a number of things that you can do to boost the chances of you running faster within 24h. Here are a few tips.

Be well rested

The performance that your body gives depends on the amount of recovery and rest that it has had. If you decide to play intense sports the day before, stay up late or consume alcohol, it will fatigue your muscles and minimise the chances of you improving your speed.

So before any event where you want to run fast, make sure your muscles are well-rested.

This means getting a good nights sleep of approximately 8h. It also means sleeping in comfort, so not tossing and turning or wandering throughout the night.

Make sure your body is hydrated.

Consume water regularly to ensure that your muscles aren’t dehydrated. The easiest indicator is that when you go to the restroom, your urine should be transparent or translucent. If it is yellow, it usually means that you are still dehydrated.

Make sure you run horizontally.

It sounds obvious, but there are many athletes who bounce or bound upwards when they are running instead of running in a lateral movement. An easy trick is to imagine yourself being sucked into a vacuum at the finish line.

Focus on the finish line.

Don’t look at the person running next to you or look at the crowd. Focus only on the finish line and run your own race.

Focus on executing your technique.

If you maintain your technique during the race, you will be able to execute each phase and run faster. Don’t overstrain or force yourself to go faster. Maintain your form and build on each step that you take.

Accelerate off each stride.

With each step that you take, execute that extra bit of power. Think of yourself “exploding” with each stride.

If you are sprinting in a race, do the following.

  • Keep your body tall.
  • Drive with power for the first 20-30 metres in your race.
  • Keep your toes up when you are running.
  • Fuel your body with the right nutrition.
  • Stretch well and warm-up properly.

Useful resource.

Strength, Speed & Power: More Than 100 Exercises to Help You Run Faster, Jump Higher, and Throw Harder

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