Get faster with sled training.

You can really activate more power by implementing the right type of sled training. There are a couple of muscle groups that you want to try to improve your explosiveness for when sprinting.

You want to improve the power generated through your hips, knees, glutes, and ankle flexion during the drive phase of your sprint.

You want to improve the power in your anterior chain muscles (hamstrings).

What type of sled training should you focus on?

Sled pulls

You want to wear a vest and then pull the sled behind you when you are running.

You want to progressively overload the muscle as you become stronger and more explosive.

You need to be careful when doing this since it can put alot of shock on your hamstrings. So limit the sets to quality reps of 3-5.

Also, do a weight that will cause enough friction or resistance to force you to power more off each stride.

Also, focus on the rhythm of your run and maintain the cadence so you can focus on powering ahead.

Sled push

You want to get access to a push sled so you can improve your driving phase.

You will train your body how to power out on a 45-degree angle.

You will need to focus on explosiveness and progressively overload the muscle.

Your muscles should hold more with this exercise. You can focus on short reps of 10-30. Focus on cadence and power.