Duck feet running

I’ve seen people running with their toes pointed out or worse, they kick their leg out to the side when they are running.

If you really want to maximize the speed and efficiency of your running so that you can run faster, you need to conserve your energy and utilize the right body mechanics.

If you want to maximize your horizontal explosive power, you need to explode the power through the following muscles backwards.

  • Toes
  • Ankles
  • Calf muscles
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps

If you run with duck feet, you won’t be able to maximize your power. You need to send the power through the ground through your big toe. This is lost when you run with duck feet.

You also shorten your range of motion. So this needs to be corrected.

What can you do to fix running with duck feet.

  • Do calf raises in bare feet and explode through your toes.
  • When running, have a mental cue to point your toes inwards.
  • Focus on having your body’s movements run in a horizontal line.
  • Focus on keeping your toes pointed upwards.
  • Think about stepping over your ankle when running.

You should find that these help with your running performance.