Circuit training for runners

In this post, we are sharing a circuit that you can do to help you improve your running performance. The focus will be on improving your explosiveness through the muscles that will help you generate strength and power that will help you run faster, as well as improve your stamina and muscular endurance so you can hold your form for longer.

You will just need access to space and some equipment.

This exercise circuit can be done within 30-45 minutes.

Warm-up circuit

50m forward run

50m backward run

50m forward run

50m forward skipping

50m forward run

50m backward bounds

50m forward run

50m straight-leg bounds

50m forward runs

50m forward bounds

50m forward runs

50m backward run

Exercise stations

Hill run station

Accelerate up the hill and then backpedal down the hill. Do this as many times as possible within the given timeframe.

This is designed to improve the athlete’s speed, power, and explosiveness going up the hill. And then extending the ankle dorsiflexion on the way down.

Distance – 20m

Time – 45s

60-second rest

Step up station

Do step up explosive pop-ups. Alternate between each leg.

This will work on the explosiveness from your hip flexors and quadriceps.

Time – 45s

60-second rest

Sled station

Sprint 50m with the sled. Backpedal 50m with the sled.

Distance – 50m

Time – 45s

60-second rest

Calf raise station

Do single-leg calf raises for 15 reps on each leg.

60-second rest

Weights station


Do 10 single RDLs on each leg. Focus on exploding upwards.

Glute Bridge

Do 10 glute bridges. Focus on exploding upwards.

Glute Hamstring

Do 10 on each leg. Focus on pushing through your heel.

10-15 reps

Glute activation (Hip tuck with swiss ball) – North pole exercise

Do 10

Nordic curl station

Do 10

Skipping station

Do single and double under skips.

20 single skips, 10 double under, 20 single skips, 10 tuck jump single skips.

60-second rest

Running station


90 seconds (22.5 second splits)

Focus only on the running technique with high knees.

90 seconds rest

2 sets

Cool down

1000 step walk