Endurance Training

Duck feet running

I’ve seen people running with their toes pointed out or worse, they kick their leg out to the side when they are running. If you really want to maximize the speed and efficiency of your running so that you can run faster, you need to conserve your energy and utilize the right body mechanics. If …

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Running stretches

Many runners are taught a stretching routine and continue to do the routine thinking that it will help them with their performance and minimising the risk of injury. The issue is that many runners don’t stretch effectively, and often target the wrong muscle groups. In this post, we’re focusing on those muscle groups that need …

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Marathon Training

Marathon Training

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and recommended marathon training advice for completing the marathon. Prior to commencing any marathon training, please check your health and wellbeing with a medical professional. One of the most popular and challenging races that people will attempt to run is a marathon race. The marathon is a gruelling event …

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Speed endurance and technique

Speed Endurance and Technique

Have you considered how much your speed endurance and running technique impact your running performance? Especially with sprinters that seem to accelerate towards the end of a race, they are actually slowing down at a rapid pace due to their muscles fatiguing. The only way to overcome this is to build your speed endurance. If …

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Tips for running in the cold.

When you run in the cold, you increase the risk of getting an injury either through your muscle’s inflexibility and responsiveness, or being exposed to elements such as ice and snow. You also want to keep illness away. What should you do to run effectively in the cold? Wrap up in the right running gear …

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How to start jogging.

How to start jogging

The thought of jogging when you have never done it or you just want to start doing some physical activity is daunting. So in this post, we are going to provide some cues and tactics that will help you start jogging and progress your jogging and running performance. Before you start running, establish if you …

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How to run longer.

There are a few ways you can make yourself run longer. However, in this post, we will focus on how you can run for longer with more intensity and at a faster pace. You likely want to run longer so you can run a faster time and break through any running distance plateaus. How can …

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